Dr. Yu-Hsiang Sam Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  He spent his youth in Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan.  Dr. Lee's family immigrated to the United States Midwest during high school.  He attended the University of Kansas where he received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in 2000.  Dr. Lee then attended Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences where he received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 2005.  He completed his Family Medicine residency at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2008. 

After residency, Dr. Lee practiced traditional inpatient and outpatient family medicine at Heartland Regional Medical Center in rural St Joseph, MO.  He had worked Urgent Care at Cox Health at Springfield, MO, acute inpatient at Research Medical Center of Kansas City, MO, and acute inpatient at Mercy Medical Center of St Louis, MO.  After moving to Los Angeles area to be closer to his family, Dr Lee had worked in the high acuity comprehensive care clinic managing complex chronic geriatric patients at Health Care Partners.  

Dr. Lee has been in private practice providing both aesthetic medicine and traditional medicine.  Dr. Lee continues to provide inpatient care at Garfield Medical Center and Alhambra Hospital.  Dr. Lee is passionate about beauty, wellness, and prevention.  Many patients benefit from Dr Lee's beauty and health recommendations.  Dr. Lee is able to explain complex medicine in simplistic terms and very skill at procedural medicine.  Besides Dr. Lee's extensive medical experience, he serves a wide array of patients from various cultural and economic background.  Patients find Dr. Lee to be personable, witty, and funny.  Dr. Lee is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese. Currently Dr. Lee resides in San Gabriel Valley community. He lives an active, healthy lifestyle. He enjoys spending his leisure time working out, SCUBA diving, social dancing, watching musicals, and spending time with niece/nephew.

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Yu-Ching Karen Lee, D.N.P. began her career in healthcare as a float pool nurse at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas in 2001. Karen cares for patients both inpatient and outpatient setting in various specialty areas. She has experience in cosmetic surgery, GYN surgery, orthopedic, maternal-child, and adult-geriatric psychiatry. She went on to hematology-oncology clinic under the renown Swedish Medical Center system in Seattle, Washington. She gained skills in assisting in bedside procedures such as vascular access and bone marrow biopsy. Karen completed her master degree in Family Nurse Practitioner at University of Kansas Medical Center in 2008. She then specialized as a IV therapy nurse at Lawrence Memorial Hospital vascular access at St. Francis Medical Center in Kansas.

After moving to San Gabriel Valley community in California to be closer with the family. Karen first worked with local ambulatory clinics with Minute Clinic CVS. She then practiced inpatient medicine at Garfield Medical Center under AHMC health system in Monterey Park, CA. She supervised operation of critical care and maternal child units; She was also responsible for cardiovascular surgery, Electrophysiology, Neurology/stroke, Neurosurgery and Vascular surgery specialty programs. Karen reached a milestone obtaining her doctorate degree in nursing practice from California State University – Fullerton, Los Angeles and Long Beach consortium in 2015. She has been in private practice providing both aesthetic medicine and traditional medicine. Karen is very passionate and enjoys making people feeling and looking beautiful inside and out. She has a special eye for aesthetic medicine and can make recommendation that best accentuate each individual facial structure to provide the optimal result.   

YSL Family Medicine has been in practice at the current location since September, 2014.

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李宇翔醫學博士出生於台灣台北。他在日本東京和台灣台北度過了青春。李醫生的家人在他高中時期移民到美國中西部。他曾就讀於堪薩斯大學,並於2000年獲得了化學工程學士學位。李醫生隨後就讀於堪薩斯城市醫科與生物科學大學,並於2005年獲得了他的醫學博士學位。 李醫生在2008年於密蘇里州堪薩斯市大學完成了家庭醫學的住院醫生實習。在住院實習後,李醫生在密蘇里州聖約瑟夫鄉村的Heartland地區醫療中心從事傳統的住院和門診家庭醫學治療。他曾在密蘇里州斯普林菲爾德的Cox Health從事過緊急護理,在密蘇里州堪薩斯城的研究醫學中心從事過急診住院治療,並在密蘇里州聖路易斯的Mercy 醫療中心從事過急診治療。 在李醫生搬到洛杉磯地區與家人團聚後,曾在高敏綜合護理診所工作,在Health Care Partners負責管理複雜的老年患者。

李醫生在私人診所進行美容醫學和傳統家庭醫學治療。 李醫生在嘉惠爾醫院和仁愛醫院提供住院治療。 李醫生對美容,保健和預防充滿熱情。 李醫生為很多患者及愛美人士提供了有效的幫助。 李醫生能夠以簡單的方式解釋複雜的醫學,並且非常擅長臨床操作。 除了李醫生豐富的醫療經驗,他還為來自不同文化和經濟背景的眾多患者提供服務。 患者發現李醫生風度翩翩,風趣幽默。 李醫生精通英語,中文和閩南語。 李醫生目前居住在聖蓋博社區。 他有著積極,健康的生活方式。 他喜歡鍛煉身體,潛水,參加社交舞,看音樂劇以及與侄女/侄子在一起


搬到加利福尼亞的聖蓋博谷社區後,與家人更進了。李宇菁博士首先與MINUTE CLINIC CVS在當地的門診診所合作。然後,她在加州蒙特利公園的AHMC衛生系統下,在加惠爾醫療中心實習住院醫學。她負責重症監護和產婦單位的運作;她還負責心血管外科,電生理,神經內科/中風,神經外科和血管外科專業課程。李宇菁博士於2015年取得了里程碑式的成績,獲得了加利福尼亞州立大學-富勒頓分校,洛杉磯分校和長灘財團的護理實踐博士學位。她一直從事私人診所,提供美容醫學和傳統醫學。李宇菁博士非常熱情,喜歡讓人們內外看起來都很漂亮。她對美容醫學獨具慧眼,可以提出建議,通過最好地強調每個人的面部結構以提供最佳效果。

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